WordPress Website Maintenance


Protecting your WordPress website

It is important to keep your WordPress site healthy and up to date, but we understand that time and expertise don’t always allow for you to keep up with the latest changes and developments. Our ongoing WordPress website maintenance will update the core files and plugins plugins, keep your theme up to date, execute
effective site backups, as well as perform other ongoing tasks and content updates.

We can do a one-off website health-check on your WordPress site, making sure everything is running smoothly. Or we can offer you ongoing WordPress website maintenance so that your site is constantly maintained and monitored for upgrades, security and other functional elements to keep your site secure and running as it should be.

Wordpress maintenance

Keeping your WordPress website safe

As the internet constantly changes and evolves, so does the need to keep your website safe and secure. We do this by constantly monitoring for any cyber attacks, website hacking and other site vulnerabilities like malware.

There is a constant need to keep a close eye on your site, which can take time and effort and cost your company money. We will verify your WordPress website is healthy and up to date, which will give you the freedom to work safe in the knowledge that your website won’t go down due to any external threat.

Only 40% of WordPress sites are up to date

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS for websites, with nearly 30% of the world’s websites being powered by its amazing functionality.

This is why hackers target out of date WordPress sites for vulnerabilities due to its popularity. Checking WordPress is healthy is key to your business to improve security and make sure you have the latest bug fixes. Our WordPress website maintenance will cover all this.


Regular WordPress Updates

Making sure your website is updated regularly with the latest version.

Website security

Increased security for peace of mind

We will check for any strange behaviours and keep your WordPress website secure.

Monitor websites

Constantly monitoring your website

We will closely monitor your site for changes, malware and make sure your website isn’t down for any reason.

Thinking of changing your WordPress theme?

If you’re ready for a change to your website’s look and feel then we can help you to choose the best option for you.

Whether you decide on an existing theme or something more bespoke, we can develop and implement the changes. we will make sure that everything works as expected, as well as adding any new functionality.

Wordpress templates

Thinking of moving to WordPress?

You’re not alone. With nearly 30% of the world’s websites powered by WordPress it has proven to be a mighty force on the web. Why not get in touch to discuss your project and we can take you through the process.

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