Graphic Design & Infographics


Graphical elements for websites & print

Most websites and printed materials need some elements of graphic design. From infographics to icons we can create the graphics you need based on your requirements.

Our bespoke designs will give your project a professional look and feel, and are fully compatible for on and offline use.

Graphical styles for online

As part of the web/digital design process, graphics can be a key part in projects however big or small. A graphical style may be used as the overall theme style or even just simple graphical elements such as icons can be applied to compliment the overall design.

Graphical websites

The Shakespeare based website pictured here is a microsite that uses a more graphical approach to the design as a whole. Depending on the type project, they can enhance the experience of the user journey. Graphical websites wont always work for a lot of projects, it will depend if that is the best approach, based on the brief.

Online graphics

There are many options for adding graphics to your website. Icons, charts, infographics and illustrations are just some of the elements of graphic design we can do for your project.

As well as creating bespoke graphical elements, we can also offer animation skills for an even more rich online experience.

Graphic design website


Infographics are a fun and engaging way of visualising data. Why not transform the most boring set of facts or data into a more visually appealing infographic? This will appeal to a wider audience, and helps the user digest the information better.

Our bespoke infographics are always unique. They can be used online or in printed materials and we can work with any ideas that you may already have or suggest other ways to bring them to life.

Eye-catching diagrams

We get bombarded with information on a daily basis, so to help your website, presentation or handout get your message across we strive to offer the best solution that graphics can provide.

Shape, size or complexity is not an issue, we will work collaboratively with you for the best possible outcome.

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