Brand Identity & Logos


Creating your logo & brand identity

We understand that a good brand identity can drive sales and give you the edge over your competitors. Being strong brand ambassadors across all your collateral will give you consistency, be more rememberable, and enhance customer loyalty.

From websites to print we can give you the brand tools to use anywhere that you want your business to be noticed.

Logo design

Striking logos that work with your product

What makes a logo memorable? We think it’s several elements that make up the DNA for great branding.

Firstly we focus on you and your business, what are you trying to project and to whom? A successful logo should reflect what you are selling, this is a key ingredient in any decision making when creating your ideal brand.

The Mechanics

Based on our research, we will then build up your logo from various ideas, then fit the pieces together in the form of visuals.

Once you are happy, we will provide you with all the fils you need to used your logo on any platform you desire.

Translating your brand across platforms

Building up your brand identity can be a challenging task making sure everyone follows the same guidelines. Checking everyone has the assets and tools they need, and making it work across multiple platforms requires a lot of time and diligence.

We know that your brand is important to you, and understand what is required to give you clear guidance on how you use your brand successfully and consistently.

Brand design

Style guidelines for you to work with

Once you are happy with your new brand’s look and feel, we can provide you with guidelines. ¬†They will show others how your new identity should be used across various platforms.

These will cover subjects like fonts, colours, tone of voice and examples of application. You may already have defined other style for things like photography for instance. A style guideline document is the perfect way to bring all these elements together.

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